The Classroom - Episode 10 - Understanding IPO Basics

Vrishank Chandavarkar

In an exclusive video show with VCCTV, Vijay Sureka, Partner at Wadia Ghandy, takes us through the basics of an IPO - the first ....

5 April, 2013

The Classroom - Episode 8 - Understanding basics of business valuation

Vrishank Chandavarkar

In an exclusive video show for the VCCircle Classroom, Xerxes Antia, Partner, Wadia Ghandy, one of the oldest home-grown law ....

15 March, 2013

The Classroom- Episode 6- Understanding the basics of PE/VC Fund

Vrishank Chandavarkar

'Private equity' or 'venture capital' are the most frequently used terms that pop up in conversations of the entrepreneurial ....

1 March, 2013

The Classroom - Episode 5 - Sole Proprietorship & LLPs

Vrishank Chandavarkar

If you are starting a one-man business and running the firm from your own house or a small office do you really need to incorporate ....

22 February, 2013

The Classroom Show -- Episode 4 -- Understanding key duties of the Board of Directors

Vrishank Chandavarkar

The board of directors is crucial for a company as it makes decisions on behalf of shareholders. Most importantly, the board ....

15 February, 2013

The Classroom Show - Episode 3 - Basic facts about shares/stocks you need to know

Vrishank Chandavarkar

Understanding shareholding pattern of a company is key as it shows how its shares are split among the entities that make up its ....

8 February, 2013

The Classroom Show - Episode 2: Tax basics for small business

Vrishank Chandavarkar

When you become a small business owner, you acquire a responsibility for making tax payments that you didn't have as an employee. ....

1 February, 2013

The Classroom Show - Episode 1: Incorporating a company

Vrishank Chandavarkar

VCCTV, the video channel of VCCircle, is pleased to bring to you a new content presentation with Season 1 of The Classroom show, ....

25 January, 2013