Siddhartha Pahwa

Meru Cabs CEO Siddhartha Pahwa resigns, mulls starting up

Binu Paul

Meru Cabs CEO Siddhartha Pahwa has resigned from the Mumbai-based radio taxi firm and will be replaced by CTO Nilesh Sangoi from ....

29 November, 2016

Now one can book a Meru cab through Facebook Messenger

Varun Arora

Mumbai-based radio taxi firm Meru Cab Company Pvt. Ltd has integrated its cab booking system with Facebook Messenger to provide ....

1 June, 2016

Startups with solo founders are more likely to fail

Siddhartha Pahwa

Entrepreneurs should discard the fear of failure from the very outset. While a founder should give it his/her 100 per cent, one ....

4 February, 2016