App Tracker: Scandid enables price comparison via barcode scanning; not much to offer unless lifestyle and groceries are added to list

Sonam Gulati

We are back with our app tracking section. This time we have reviewed a new app on the block. Scandid, a barcode scanning app ....

25 September, 2013

Excl: raises angel funding from Sandeep Johri, others

Sonam Gulati

Pune-based Wishpoint Tech Pvt Ltd that runs a price comparison portal in India called has disclosed that it raised ....

20 May, 2013
ADVERTISEMENT comes as another price comparison site; how is it different?

Sonam Gulati

Sushil Choudhari, a former member of the founding team of the social music streaming site Dhingana, launched a price comparison ....

26 December, 2012