Exclusive: Jaipur-based crowdfunding startup Dreamwallets raises seed funding

Nishant Sharma

Dreamwallets, a Jaipur-based crowdfunding platform, has secured seed funding from a group of high net-worth individuals (HNIs) ....

12 May, 2016

HomeShop18 CEO Sundeep Malhotra quits; Sanjeev Agrawal takes over

Binu Paul

Sundeep Malhotra, founder and CEO of television shopping and e-commerce firm HomeShop18, has resigned from the company. Sanjeev ....

4 May, 2015

Personal career assistant Collegefeed goes global, unveils tools to help graduates build peers' network

Sainul K

California-based Collegefeed Inc., which unveiled a US-centric personal career assistant for college students Collegefeed.com ....

3 October, 2013