Ryerson Futures Inc

Zone Startups ties up with Canadian govt for accelerator programme

Priya Prasad

Mumbai-based technology startup accelerator Zone Startups India along with the Government of Canada has launched Gateway 91, ....

10 November, 2016

Canadian startup accelerator Ryerson & Chokhanis launch $15M early-stage fund in India

Sainul K

Toronto-based technology startup incubator Ryerson Futures Inc (RFI) is partnering with Mumbai-based Chokhani Group, parent of ....

4 December, 2014

Excl: Canadian startup accelerator Ryerson Futures to launch $5M seed fund in India

Sainul K

Ryerson Futures Inc (RFI), a Toronto-based technology startup incubator, is planning to launch a seed fund worth $5 million in ....

9 September, 2014