Businesses need to understand consumers better than they understand themselves: Nir Eyal

Team TC

Creating customer habits around products is a constant challenge for businesses, both big and small. In his book Hooked: How ....

31 March, 2016

Angel or devil: Who's really investing in your startup?

Nir Eyal

A friend called me heartbroken, crying. She had spent months looking for investors to fund her fledgling startup and now she had ....

11 November, 2013

Why business is addicted to habits

Nir Eyal

Habits are good for business. In fact, many industries could not survive without them. The incentive systems and business models ....

6 May, 2013

Viral loops or viral 'oops'?

Nir Eyal

Recently, MessageMe announced it had grown to 1 million users in a little over a week's time. The revelation captured the attention ....

3 April, 2013

Getting your product into the habit zone

Nir Eyal

As the web becomes an increasingly crowded place, users are desperate for solutions to sort through the online clutter. The Internet ....

10 September, 2012