Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights

Smartphone users still prefer websites over apps for shopping; Flipkart most popular e-com site: Nielsen

Anand Rai

Although most of the prominent e-commerce sites in India already have their own mobile applications, smartphone users in the country ....

4 June, 2013

Top-end smartphone owners consume more apps; Subway Surfers most engaging gaming app: Nielsen study

Anand Rai

People who use smartphones costing more than Rs 15,000 have a higher tendency to use 'online apps' rather than just browsing while ....

26 February, 2013

Gen Y spends more than 3 hours on smartphone every day; What does Gen X prefer?

Anand Rai

That smartphones have become an integral part of our life is evident from the fact that there are already 27 million-plus smartphone ....

27 August, 2012

Search the most popular activity on smartphones; Entertainment the most searched category

Anand Rai

All of us, by default, are curious creatures. So it is not surprising that 'search' is the most widespread activity on smartphones, ....

2 July, 2012

There are 27 million smartphone users in urban India: Nielsen survey

Team TC

The smartphone rage is catching up in the country, especially in urban India, says a survey conducted by Nielsen Informate Mobile ....

22 June, 2012

93% smartphone users in India access social media via handsets; Is mobile Internet getting a boost

Anand Rai

After the botched-up Facebook IPO, many have lashed out at social networking as a 'fad'. But the majority of smartphone users ....

30 May, 2012

Men Like Apps, Women Prefer WhatsApp

Anand Rai & Aashish Bhinde

Men don't like asking for directions and women like to chat. Maybe you already knew that, but the human behaviour differences ....

3 May, 2012