Yes, No and a Definite Maybe

Mohanjit Jolly

I have never started a piece with a joke, but I will make an exception here. Here goes… Husband comes back home after a ....

21 December, 2015

2014 the year when India arrived on the global map

Mohanjit Jolly

In March 2014, I remember speaking at the annual Harvard Business School India conference. The mood was somber. I had just returned ....

6 January, 2015

The valuation dichotomy and the boomerang effect

Mohanjit Jolly

I recently came back from an absolutely exhausting, yet exhilarating 10-day, six-city, two-continent, three-country trip through ....

26 September, 2014

Indian startups are thinking global

Mohanjit Jolly

I have spent several years as a technology venture capitalist in both India and Silicon Valley. Hence, I have a unique perspective ....

9 May, 2014

The next leapfrogâ€

Mohanjit Jolly

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining a select group of folks in San Francisco to celebrate Dlight Design being awarded ....

14 May, 2013

The power of social media

Mohanjit Jolly

I have gone through a love-hate relationship with social networks lately, and have selectively disengaged to focus my bandwidth. ....

28 March, 2013

Health as a service: Tackling obesity with technology

Mohanjit Jolly

It turns out that one of the most interesting and devastating exports from the US during the past few of decades has been the ....

2 January, 2013

Do Angels Lose The Start-up Game When VCs Take Over?

Team TC

When it comes to board room decisions, all is not always rosy between angel and venture capital investors of fast-growing start-ups. ....

5 December, 2011