Indian Govt launches cloud computing project 'MeghRaj' to accelerate delivery of e-services

Anand Rai

Government of India has launched a GI Cloud Initiative called 'Meghraj' to accelerate delivery of e-services in the country, while ....

5 February, 2014

Centre plans app store for e-gov services, national cloud infrastructure and more this year

Sonam Gulati

A National Cloud Computing Initiative, setting up a Mobile Service Delivery Gateway and an e-gov app store form the core of the ....

23 January, 2013

Government's mulling policy framework on cloud computing; What does it mean for SMEs?

Sainul K

The Indian government is looking to script a new policy framework for Cloud computing to address apprehensions over security and ....

6 July, 2012

Censor War: Online India vs Sibal

Preethi J

Anything to do with censorship immediately raises the hackles of millions of online, freedom-loving Indians. With films and advertisements, ....

6 December, 2011

India To Allow Cellular Firms To Share, Trade Airwaves


India will allow operators in its crowded cellular sector to share and trade airwaves and will also unveil rules to allow carriers ....

10 October, 2011