Public transport vehicles in major cities to compulsorily have GPS by Feb 20


The central government has set a deadline of Feb 20, 2014 for public transport vehicles including buses and auto rickshaws from ....

10 February, 2014

Indian Govt launches cloud computing project 'MeghRaj' to accelerate delivery of e-services

Anand Rai

Government of India has launched a GI Cloud Initiative called 'Meghraj' to accelerate delivery of e-services in the country, while ....

5 February, 2014

Government to keep an eye on what you say and message through surveillance system 'Netra'

Sainul K

The government is launching a new internet surveillance system which is capable of capturing dubious voice and written message ....

16 December, 2013

Govt's New Digital Payment Initiative To Roll Out By March 2012

Preethi J

The Indian government has announced the commissioning of Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GePG), a new digital payment system ....

1 November, 2011

Entrepreneurs Can Register Companies Online In 24 Hrs

Preethi J

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has cut some of the red tape choking entrepreneurs by simplifying online approval of application ....

26 July, 2011

After $10 Laptops, Govt Promises $50 Tablets

Preethi J

Indian Express and a couple of other mainstream media have reported that the Indian government is sourcing "low cost" tablets ....

9 June, 2011

Google Troubled By Indian Internet Rules

dev khare & Anand Rai & Shrija Agrawal & Aashish Bhinde

Last month, Government of India's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology finalized the Internet control rules in ....

12 May, 2011