EC Media CEO JK Nair On Shift In Strategy From E-book Readers To Apps

Preethi J

After a series of delays in launching the second generation of Wink e-book readers (announcements came in January), Bangalore-based ....

24 June, 2011

EC Media Sells 3000 Wink eReaders; New Versions In April

Preethi J

Having sold 3000 units of its first generation Wink Ereaders, EC Media is now readying 2 new versions of the e-book reader with ....

4 March, 2011

EC Media To Launch Magazine Store App; Regional Language Digitisation Trends

Preethi J

Bangalore-based EC Media International Private Ltd is gearing up for the commercial launch of MagsonWink, a "one-stop-magazine" store application for tablet PCs. The app will be available on Android OS based devices, the Apple iPad and Blackberrys too.

23 February, 2011