This VC is backing one tech startup a month; transportation, IoT ventures under advantEdge's radar

Varun Arora

While the investment industry underwent a slump this year, there is one early-stage venture capital firm that has been investing ....

8 December, 2016

Wooing startups: 18 new investment funds eye early-stage firms

Deepti Chaudhary

Picture this: of the 18 funds launched this year so far, 12 are eying a corpus below $50 million, clearly indicating an appetite ....

4 November, 2016

Payments is the next big opportunity in India, says Sequoia's Mohit Bhatnagar

Deepti Chaudhary

Mohit Bhatnagar has come to be known as the investor with a Midas touch in the Indian venture capital space. Three companies ....

3 October, 2016

Startups feel the pinch as Series A deals slump

Rachit Vats

Getting investor money is becoming more difficult for startups, with early-stage venture funding tapering off after peaking in ....

10 May, 2016

Sumir Chadha On Sequoia Split, Public Market Focus & WestBridge Vision

Shrija Agrawal

For a veteran investor like Sumir Chadha, who has over a decade experience of investing into the Indian private equity markets, this spin out from Sequoia Capital to build a public markets investment firm from ground up was not a sudden move. "It was well thought out," says Chadha who is bringing Westbridge back into the game with a focus on public markets. Westbridge, founded in 2000, merged with Sequoia Capital in May 2006. The new Westbridge will bear a huge semblance to a hedge fund taking passive positions in public listed stocks.

19 February, 2011