The most common mistake when forecasting growth for new products (and how to fix it)

Andrew Chen

Startups are about growth Paul Graham's essay in 2012 called "Startup = Growth" makes a big point in the first paragraph: A startup ....

26 February, 2015

How to design successful social products with 3 habit-forming feedback loops

Andrew Chen

Social products share a common ancestry and set of problems It's been a decade after Friendster popularized the notion of the ....

1 April, 2014

The Rise of Fat Venture Capital

Andrew Chen

Reinventing the VC industry In 2007, before YCombinator and AngelList had changed the industry, I worked in a nondescript office ....

11 October, 2013

The critical metrics for each stage of your SaaS business

Andrew Chen

How healthy is your SaaS business? We're bombarded with KPIs and an endless series of metrics to tell us how we're doing. But ....

16 May, 2013

The death of RSS

Andrew Chen

I recently wrote a blog post about moving all my RSS readers to email subscriptions, and I immediately got 30+ negative comments ....

2 May, 2013

Why developers are leaving the Facebook platform

Andrew Chen

Recently, Bill Gurley of Benchmark wrote a great piece on how platform companies like Facebook, iOS, Android, eBay, and others ....

24 April, 2013

Why are we so bad at predicting startup success?

Andrew Chen

One of my favorite reads this year was Nate Silver's The Signal and the Noise which has the subtitle "Why so many predictions ....

10 April, 2013