Actor Sushant Singh Rajput launches emerging-tech startup

Binu Paul

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput and serial entrepreneur Varun Mathur have launched a startup called Innsaei Ventures Pvt. ....

18 May, 2018

Indian-origin entrepreneur's CIA-backed startup is making 3D-printed bicycles


After a career that included helping Alphabet Inc's Google build out data centers and speeding packages for Inc ....

17 May, 2018

This bus-sized 3D printer can print a bike in half an hour

Anirban Ghoshal

An Australian firm has showcased what is believed to be the world's largest and fastest metal 3D printer, Financial Times ....

17 May, 2018

3D printers are now letting doctors make simulated body parts


Three-dimensional printers are letting doctors in Minnesota make simulated body parts in a hospital and a Brooklyn startup creates ....

4 May, 2018

GM bets on 3D printers to manufacture lighter parts for electric vehicles


General Motors Co said on Thursday it was working with design software company Autodesk Inc to manufacture new, lightweight 3D-printed ....

3 May, 2018

Siemens launches collaborative platform for industrial 3D printing

Anirban Ghoshal

German engineering group Siemens said it has launched an online collaborative platform for industrial 3D printing firms to co-create, ....

24 April, 2018

Nike uses athlete data to 3D-print customised footwear

Anirban Ghoshal

American sports and fitness company Nike on Tuesday said that it has adopted a 3D-printing method that uses athlete data to create ....

17 April, 2018

Now, US Navy turns to 3D printed metal parts for battleships

Anirban Ghoshal

The United States Navy is now looking at employing 3D printing to manufacture metal parts for different equipment used by its ....

4 April, 2018

Automation may steal your job, and spawn a whole new industry

Mayank Kumar and Apoorva Shankar

Automation and the rise of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are making everyone paranoid -- paranoid ....

4 April, 2018

Siemens setting up 3D-printing factory in UK to make aerospace, auto parts

Anirban Ghoshal

German engineering group Siemens said it has decided to invest €30 million ($37 million) to set up a 3D-printing factory ....

28 March, 2018

This company plans to mass produce 3D-printed electric cars by next year

Anirban Ghoshal

An Italian automaker plans to start mass producing a 3D-printed electric vehicle in China that could hit the road by next year, ....

19 March, 2018

Wipro unveils India's 'largest' metal 3D printing centre in Bengaluru

Anirban Ghoshal

T services firm Wipro has opened a new metal 3D printing centre in Bengaluru in the latest indication that Indian companies are ....

15 March, 2018

This 3D-printed smartphone case can gauge your blood pressure

Anirban Ghoshal

Researchers from US and South Korean universities have used 3D=printing technology to create a smartphone case which can help ....

9 March, 2018

A company is teaching old machines some 3D-printing tricks

Anirban Ghoshal

A US-based firm is trying to breathe new life into old computer-controlled machines and printers to help them cope in the age ....

6 March, 2018

Market for 3D-printed medical devices to cross $2 bn by 2025: Study

Anirban Ghoshal

The global market for 3D printing of medical devices is estimated to touch $2.77 billion by 2015, according to a new study by ....

1 March, 2018

Hyperlocal services startup Jugnoo ventures into 3D printing

Anirban Ghoshal

SoCoMo Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which runs delivery services and auto-rickshaw aggregator app Jugnoo, has said it will sell 3D printers ....

28 February, 2018

Now, small businesses can 3D-print parts from a 'cloud factory'

Anirban Ghoshal

Small businesses can now design and 3D-print multiple parts directly from the cloud and then get it delivered to their ....

27 February, 2018

How AI can fuel the Indian digital economy

Charlie Lee

With China, the US and South Korea making tremendous advances in artificial intelligence research, it was time India had a strong ....

26 February, 2018

Stratasys unveils multi-material 3D printing of dental parts

Anirban Ghoshal

Minneapolis-based additive manufacturing firm Stratasys Ltd has showcased three 3D-printing solutions aimed at boosting production ....

23 February, 2018

Boeing partners Oerlikon to standardise 3D-printing of aerospace parts

Anirban Ghoshal

Plane maker Boeing Co. has signed a five-year agreement with Swiss technology group OC Oerlikon to collaborate over standardising ....

21 February, 2018

NASA will 3D-print equipment in space to help study astronauts' health

Anirban Ghoshal

US space agency NASA has launched a new project that will study the effect of microbes and microgravity on astronauts' health ....

15 February, 2018