Meet the three Indian startups that made it to 500 Startups Accelerator's ninth batch

Dave McClure's accelerator and seed investment fund 500 Startups has announced the finalists of its ninth accelerator batch. The accelerator has picked a total of 29 startups from across the globe, of which three are from India.

"As usual, the companies come from all over, both internationally, and within the US. International companies are from the Czech Republic, Switzerland, China, India, Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia, UK, and Mexico, while local companies hail from NYC, Rochester, Stanford, Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, Mountain View, Atlanta and Berkeley," 500 Startups said in a statement.

Eleven of the companies in this batch have at least one woman in the founding team.

Here is a quick look at the three Indian ventures that made it to the latest batch:

Interview-MasterInterview MasterBangalore-based Interview Master is an easy-to-use video and mobile recruitment solution that improves the quality of hires, increases recruiter productivity, and enriches a job candidate's experience.

Founders: Sanjoe Jose, Subramanian K, Jobin Jose, Tom Jose

SourceasySourceasyIt is a full stack private textiles sourcing service. It offers technology tools to manage one's sourcing along with offline support to complete the orders.

Founders: Pranay Srinivasan, Chirag Chamoli.

TargetingMantraBased out of Delhi, TargetingMantra is a mind reader that figures out what people are interested TargetingMantrain and surfaces relevant content to them. Through TargetingMantra, businesses can personalize the entire web experience of an online customer, grab user's attention through offline solutions, and measure important metrics through an analytics dashboard.

Founders: Saurabh Nangia, Rahul Singh.

Other members of the ninth batch include AbbeyPost (US), ArtCorgi (US), Bohemian Guitars (US), Bonafide (US), Click2stream (Czech Republic), Coinalytics (US), Giveit100 (US), GogoCoin (US), GoRefi (US), Hobobe (China), KangaDo (US), Monetsu (Canada), Neuroware (Malaysia), pinshape (Canada), Pop Up Archive (US), Puzzlium (US), Share Some Style (US), Solidarium (Brazil), Sporthold (Australia), Stitch (Australia), Survmetrics (Mexico), Teaman & Company (UK), Thinknum (US), Totspot (US), Vessel (US), and Zootrock (Australia).

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