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Microsoft sells over a million Xbox Ones in 24 hours

Monday, November 25, 2013 | More »

Microsoft Corp sold over 1 million of its new Xbox One game consoles within 24 hours of their hitting store shelves on Friday, on par with Sony Corp’s PlayStation 4 despite launching in far more countries. The new console, which launched in 13 countries, set a record for first-day Xbox sales a...


Microsoft hopes Xbox One finally puts it on the media map

Microsoft Corp aims to upstage rival Sony Corp with a console that goes well beyond gaming and helps transform media viewing, a long-cherished but elusive goal. The software giant is betting its first new video game console in eight years, which goes on sale on Friday, will help sustain its positio...

22 November, 2013 | More »


Microsoft reverses position on Xbox One Internet, game sharing

Microsoft Corp said on Wednesday that users of its forthcoming Xbox One game console will be able to play games offline without establishing an Internet connection, and will be able to lend or sell used disc-based games. The announcement reverses the company’s position when it unveiled the con...

20 June, 2013 | More »


Sony takes on Microsoft, prices new PS4 below Xbox One

Sony Corp on Monday priced its latest PlayStation 4 console $100 lower than the new Xbox One by rival Microsoft Corp as competition for gamers’ pockets intensifies ahead of the year-end holidays and gift-giving season. Sony said it would sell the latest PlayStation model for $399 late in the y...

11 June, 2013 | More »


Microsoft prices Xbox One at $499 for November launch

Microsoft Corp  said on Monday its new Xbox One console would launch in November at $499 in the United States, higher than most gamers had expected. The price is greater than its current console, the Xbox 360, but it includes a Kinect motion sensor for hands-free game playing. Microsoft announced t...

11 June, 2013 | More »


Microsoft unveils Xbox One with Spielberg, Activision tie-ups

Microsoft Corp unveiled the “Xbox One” on Tuesday, its first new gaming console in eight years, and its strongest push so far to dominate consumers’ living rooms with an array of exclusive media content. The Xbox One took four years to develop and will be the launchpad for a “...

22 May, 2013 | More »