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Microsoft halts sale of Windows 7 and 8

Friday, November 4, 2016 | More »

With the launch of the latest version on Windows operating system (OS) 10 in 2015, US tech giant Microsoft has decided to halt the production and sale of Windows 7 and Windows 8, according to a report in Forbes. Microsoft had stopped retail sales to consumers of the two operating systems two years a...


Why Microsoft is still speculative

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast” (Alexander Pope) As it does for most investors.  People do not like to accept the notion that a business will lose relevancy, and its value will fall.  Especially really big companies that are household brand names.  Investors, like customers, prefer...

2 April, 2014 | More »


Microsoft profit misses as Surface tablets languish; shares drop

Microsoft Corp on Thursday reported lower-than-expected quarterly earnings as slow personal computer sales ate into its Windows business and the company took an unexpected $900 million charge for its inventory of unsold Surface tablets. The stock fell 5 per cent after hours from 5-year highs. The ma...

19 July, 2013 | More »


Samsung expands its tablet range, launches two Windows 8 tablets ATIV Q and ATIV Tab 3

After launching the next-generation Galaxy Camera (read here for more), Samsung has gone ahead and launched two new tablets – ATIV Q and ATIV Tab 3. Both tablets run on the Windows 8 operating system. While one of them is a convertible tablet with the ability to run Android apps, the other one is ...

21 June, 2013 | More »


Microsoft brings back ‘start’ button, seeks to spur Windows sales

Microsoft Corp is bringing back the Windows “start” button, offering a stripped-down version among a slew of improvements aimed at winning over tablet users and placating PC customers alienated by Windows 8. The world’s largest software company is looking to re-energize sales of it...

31 May, 2013 | More »


Panasonic launches Toughpad tablets targeting enterprise segment; AOC enters Indian tablet market with Breeze

Panasonic India has expanded its Toughpad range of tablets with the launch of two new devices called Toughpad FZ-G1 and Toughpad JT-B1. Both target the enterprise segment and are priced at a whopping Rs 1.75 lakh and Rs 69,000, respectively. Here is a look at the specifications. Toughpad FZ-G1 This ...

17 April, 2013 | More »


Failure inevitable for companies who miss market shift

Microsoft needed a great Christmas season. After years of product stagnation, and a big market shift toward mobile devices from PCs, Microsoft’s future relied on the company seeing customers demonstrate they were ready to jump in heavily for Windows8 products – including the newSurfac...

22 January, 2013 | More »

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 6.58.58 PM

Flipkart’s app Flyte crosses 50K e-book downloads within a month

Little over a month since Flipkart.com added e-books as a category to its digital media store Flyte, the e-com major claims that it has crossed 50,000 e-book downloads from 25,000 customers. The company had launched the category with a selection of more than one lakh e-books in late November last ye...

4 January, 2013 | More »


Microsoft sold 40M Windows 8 licences in a month since launch

Microsoft Corp has sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses in the month since the launch, according to one of the new co-heads of the Windows unit, setting a faster pace than Windows 7 three years ago. The sales number represents a solid but unspectacular start for the touch-friendly operating system de...

28 November, 2012 | More »


A whole new Ballmer game

When Steve Ballmer is having fun, everybody knows it. It’s not just the famously booming voice and sweatily energetic public performances. Mr Ballmer is not seen in tech circles as a “product guy” – the breed held in highest esteem – but when Microsoft has something new to show off, there ...

20 November, 2012 | More »

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