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The Classroom – Episode 10 – Understanding IPO Basics

Friday, April 5, 2013 | More »

In an exclusive video show with VCCTV, Vijay Sureka, Partner at Wadia Ghandy, takes us through the basics of an IPO – the first offering of a company’s shares to the public, allowing regular investors to develop a stake in a growing business. Sureka also throws light on how business owne...


The Classroom – Episode 8 – Understanding basics of business valuation

In an exclusive video show for the VCCircle Classroom, Xerxes Antia, Partner, Wadia Ghandy, one of the oldest home-grown law firms, takes through the basics on how to value a firm. Watch the video for more. Also read : The Classroom Show – Episode 1: Incorporating a company The Classroom Show – ...

15 March, 2013 | More »


The Classroom- Episode 6- Understanding the basics of PE/VC Fund

‘Private equity’ or ‘venture capital’ are the most frequently used terms that pop up in conversations of the entrepreneurial fraternity, especially for those looking to raise funds. And it’s only important for entrepreneurs to know the basics behind such concepts as they se...

1 March, 2013 | More »


The Classroom – Episode 5 – Sole Proprietorship & LLPs

If you are starting a one-man business and running the firm from your own house or a small office do you really need to incorporate a company? Should you adhere to the various compliances and regulations that a private company has to deal with?  The answer is no because you have options to run your...

22 February, 2013 | More »


The Classroom Show — Episode 4 — Understanding key duties of the Board of Directors

The board of directors is crucial for a company as it makes decisions on behalf of shareholders. Most importantly, the board of directors should be a fair representation of both the management’s and shareholders’ interests, says Aliff Fazelbhoy, Senior Partner at ALMT Legal, as he explai...

15 February, 2013 | More »


The Classroom Show – Episode 3 – Basic facts about shares/stocks you need to know

Understanding shareholding pattern of a company is key as it shows how its shares are split among the entities that make up its owners. The third episode of the classroom show delves on the basics of shareholding pattern, the types of shares involved in transactions and other related aspects. Aliff ...

8 February, 2013 | More »


The Classroom Show – Episode 2: Tax basics for small business

When you become a small business owner, you acquire a responsibility for making tax payments that you didn’t have as an employee. Taking it further from our debut episode on “How to incorporate a private company”, Vaishakh Kapadia, partner at ALMT Legal, now guides us through the r...

1 February, 2013 | More »


The Classroom Show – Episode 1: Incorporating a company

VCCTV, the video channel of VCCircle, is pleased to bring to you a new content presentation with Season 1 of The Classroom show, a weekly video tutorial to be held every Friday, for aspiring entrepreneurs to enthusiastic investors and even well-established SMEs. Conducted by senior partners from Ind...

25 January, 2013 | More »