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Selling mobile games outside India is very hard: Jump Game CEO Salil Bhargava@Techcircle Mobile Forum 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 | More »

The Indian mobile gaming industry has been showing some sort of growth over the past couple of years, even though it is yet to make a mark outside the domestic market. Experts feel that India can come up with its own versions of Temple Run or Angry Bird, if it successfully address some of the [&hell...


5 key takeaways from Techcircle Mobile Forum 2013

With close to billion subscribers, mobile is one of the biggest opportunities for tech entrepreneurs in India. But it is yet to make it big as a medium for transaction. Ventures in this space often struggle with key challenges such as monetising through apps/services, resolving mobile payment issues...

28 June, 2013 | More »


Want to know how to build a large mobile business in India? Come and attend Techcircle Mobile Forum 2013

Ever wondered what it takes to build a successful mobile business in India? How many red tapes should one go through to get the required clearances? What should be done to maximise revenue potential? Well, the upcoming Techcircle Mobile Forum 2013 will provide answers to all these queries and more. ...

26 June, 2013 | More »


Techcircle Runway to showcase 5 handpicked mobile-focussed startups; get ready for fireworks on stage!

Ever wondered what it is like to make a presentation before a crowd of your peers who know exactly what you are talking about? Or ever had a Q&A session so intense that it made you revisit the focus for your company? Well that is exactly what you have in store for at Techcircle Runway, […...

24 June, 2013 | More »


Find out the right mobile strategy for your company at Techcircle Mobile Forum 2013; register now

Keeping in mind the fast-growing mobile penetration, companies across industries are seeing the mobile space as one of their core marketing, customer engagement and service delivery strategies. Additionally, there are innovation-led new businesses in the field of entertainment and various utility-ba...

14 June, 2013 | More »


What it takes to build large mobile businesses in India – find out at Techcircle Mobile Forum 2013; register now

Mobile-centric opportunities in India are well known and much talked about today. While innovations are happening across many mobile categories and users increasingly engage with these products, entrepreneurs and investors are trying to find out the best ways to create sustainable and scalable busin...

12 June, 2013 | More »