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How a bootstrapped Wingify is creating a niche for itself in A/B testing market

Thursday, October 18, 2012 | More »

Screen Shot 2012-10-18 at 10.49.48 AM
When Paras Chopra, founder and CEO of Wingify Software Pvt Ltd, first developed a platform that enabled companies to handle practically all aspects of a website such as web analytics and visitor segmentation, he was surprised (not in a pleasant way) by the response he got from early users. “I had...


Striking The Right Foodie Chords: Techcircle Fastracker 2012 – Zomato

We kick off our coverage of Techcircle Fastrackers 2012, the 20 hottest tech startups to watch out for, with what we love most – a cocktail of technology and food. DC Foodiebay Online Services Pvt Ltd, a.k.a. Zomato (it started as Foodiebay), is an online food directory which provides informatio...

1 March, 2012 | More »