TC Debate: Are we 'born' entrepreneurs?


You got your hazel eyes from your father and the fair skin tone from your mother, but from where did you get that passion, risk ....

6 March, 2014

TC Debate: Can India beat Silicon Valley in the next few years?


Till a few years ago, talented young people from India went to the US or Europe to take up plum jobs at MNCs, after graduating ....

28 February, 2014

TC Debate: Is there a huge Series A crunch in India?

Sainul K

Our new section TC Debate is going in full swing and we have already discussed two hot topics: Are Indian investors too stringent ....

22 November, 2013

TC Debate: Which e-com format— marketplace or inventory-led—will lead to profitability first?

Sonam Gulati

We are back with the second edition of our new section TC Debate, and this time we have picked the most sought after sector of ....

11 November, 2013

TC Debate: Are Indian investors too stringent when it comes to investing in early stage startups?

Anand Rai

Like you already know, we are innovative chaps (yes we are, period!), and keep trying to come up with new sections to entice as ....

11 October, 2013