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Android N is sweet on Nougat

Friday, July 1, 2016 | More »

Google has announced that “Nougat” will be the official name of Android N, the latest version of its Android mobile operating system. Android revealed the name on its Twitter and Snapchat handle. Nougat, a confection made from sugar/honey, dried nuts, and eggs, has Spanish-Middle East origins. A...


Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quora account hacked

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quora account has been hacked by the same group which previously broke into Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts, according to a media report today. The hacker group called OurMine Team has been posting messages on Quora through Pichai...

27 June, 2016 | More »


Google to power free Wi-Fi at 500 railway stations: PM

India will provide free internet access at 500 railway stations with Google’s assistance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told a gathering of top Silicon Valley CEOs in the US. “We are expanding our public Wi-Fi hotspots. For example, we want to ensure that free Wi Fi is not only there in airport l...

27 September, 2015 | More »


Google gets new parent Alphabet; Sundar Pichai becomes CEO of Google

Google, which has evolved from an internet search engine to a diversified tech giant, is creating a new holding firm named Alphabet to better focus on myriad businesses that straddle driver-less cars, video streaming, balloon-powered internet access, thermostat & smoke detector and more. The cor...

11 August, 2015 | More »


The man from Chennai who has become de facto No.2 at Google

Google, which has virtually defined and continues to shape the fluid internet age of our times, has been amid a management transformation. And India or people of Indian origin certainly have been bang in the middle of it. Indeed, as recent as early this year, three of the seven business leaders besi...

26 October, 2014 | More »

Sundar Pichai

Five key points made by Google top exec Sundar Pichai during India visit

Google Inc.’s senior vice president (Android, Chrome and apps) Sundar Pichai is considered to be one of the leading mobile experts in the world. Pichai, originally from Chennai, is also rumoured to be a top contender for the top job at the tech giant. He recently came to India to launch Android On...

16 September, 2014 | More »


Google launches new Android version ‘KitKat’

Google Inc on Thursday unveiled the newest version of its Android smartphone software, aiming to allow more smartphone users access to its evolving menu of online services such as driving directions voice-activated search. The new “KitKat” version of Android will be able to run on inexpe...

1 November, 2013 | More »


Sundar Pichai to head Google’s Android division as Andy Rubin steps down

Andy Rubin, the architect of Android, the world’s top-selling mobile operating system, has decided to step down as Google Inc combines mobile software divisions under one roof, the company said on Wednesday. Google appointed Sundar Pichai, the executive overseeing its Chrome web browser and ap...

14 March, 2013 | More »

Vic Gundotra, Sundar Pichai To Report To Larry Page In Google Re-org

Google Inc CEO Larry Page streamlined decision-making in six key product groups, including social networking and mobile, as the Internet search giant revs up efforts to compete with Facebook and Apple Inc. Page, in his first major reorganization since taking the reins as CEO earlier this week, place...

11 April, 2011 | More »