How is Twitter going to change after it tweaks its 140-character limit?

Varun Arora

If you often grapple to fit your thoughts in 140-character tweets, things may improve a bit for you after a few days. Twitter ....

14 September, 2016

WhatsApp is now available on desktop. Does the move target publishers?

Pallavi Singh

Oh, Mark Zuckerberg! Has an app ever been expected to transform into a platform that's simultaneously intimate and expansive? ....

11 May, 2016

Content Strategy is King in Social Media

David Dubois

Those who love to drink coffee often have favourite places to do so. They frequent a chosen venue because it's a great place to ....

4 February, 2014

Social media users in urban India to reach 66M by June; users spending 30 minutes/day: IAMAI

Anand Rai

The total number of social media users in urban India reached 62 million by December 2012, which basically means that 74 per cent ....

13 March, 2013

The power of social media

Mohanjit Jolly

I have gone through a love-hate relationship with social networks lately, and have selectively disengaged to focus my bandwidth. ....

28 March, 2013

As world of gadgets grows, online industry tunes in to video ads


The ever-expanding array of gadgets that display online video, from tablets to Internet-connected TVs and DVD players, along with ....

29 January, 2013

Social media dispute resolution stumps some companies


If HBO cuts out on you in the middle of the latest "Girls" episode, and you have Charter Communications Inc as your cable provider, ....

18 January, 2013

The social media stock pickers

Alexandra Stevenson

In 1997, when Richard Peterson was a medical school student, he would play poker with a buddy who never seemed short of money. ....

23 October, 2012

Social media adverts turf war heats up

Team TC & Tim Bradshaw, & April Dembosky

It is five months since General Motors last spent a cent on Facebook advertising. The US carmaker's revelation in May that the ....

15 October, 2012

Centre wants the power to ban social media regionally

Anand Rai

The Union Government wants to have the ability to ban social media sites (like Twitter) on a regional level, according to The ....

10 September, 2012

Twitter severs ties with LinkedIn; Why & what does it mean to you

Sanghamitra Mandal

In the wee hours of Saturday (3.30 am IST, to be precise) an e-mail message from LinkedIn (an excerpt from an announcement made ....

2 July, 2012

A social media job agency

Maija Palmer

Felipe Navío Garcia and Juan Urdiales are sticking a large company logo on the blank wall of their new offices in the City ....

6 June, 2012

Social media bubble burst at 12.15 pm New York time on May 18: Valuation guru

Shrija Agrawal

The social media bubble that had been building up for the last five to six years might have actually burst. Aswath Damodaran, ....

30 May, 2012

Social Media Is Gold For Olympics Advertisers


Advertisers are going for Facebook as athletes go for the gold, in the first Olympic Games where marketers are placing such high ....

19 April, 2012

How LoginRadius Differs From Others In Syncing Social Network Login With Any Website

Anand Rai & Aashish Bhinde

Nya Concepts Inc., a Canadian technology startup co-founded by two entrepreneurs of Indian origin Rakesh Soni and Deepak Gupta, ....

22 March, 2012

Yahoo! Threatens Facebook As Social Media Patent War Looms


Yahoo! has demanded licensing fees from Facebook for use of its technology, the companies said on Monday, potentially engulfing ....

28 February, 2012

Tips For Entrepreneurs To Raise Money In An Overheated Market

Pradeep Tagare

Most entrepreneurs and investors in India will agree that certain technology sectors are getting into a 'frothy' zone. Stated ....

30 January, 2012

Social Media Ramps Up Investments In Security Protocols

Ash Sethi

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, along with their respective mobile applications which rely heavily on user- generated ....

22 December, 2011

Exclusive: Social Wavelength Raises Second Round Of Angel Funding

Preethi J

Mumbai-based Social Wavelength, a full-service social media agency, has just raised second round of angel fund from four investors ....

9 December, 2011

Brands Should Build Social Media Objectives

Preethi J

With the reach of digital overtaking that of large mainstream newspapers and given the additional advantage of cost effectiveness ....

12 October, 2011

Worldwide Social Media Revenue To Reach $10.3 Billion In 2011: Gartner

dev khare & Anand Rai & Shrija Agrawal

The worldwide social media revenue will reach $10.3 billion in 2011, a 41.4 per cent increase from 2010 revenue of $7.3 billion, ....

12 October, 2011