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Smart TV Makers Lose The Remote Controls

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 | More »

Smart TV
Consumer electronics manufacturers have announced significant steps to make televisions easier to use, adding voice and motion control as TVs become more like computers. Following the lead of Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller on its Xbox 360 games console, leading brands such as Lenovo, LG and ...


Decoding The ‘Smart’ In Smart TV

There was a time in history when ‘smart’ meant excellence. If you were smart, you were bound to do well and succeed in life. But times have changed since and today, almost everyone and everything have to be ‘smart’ for long-term value-generation. Today, you ride smart cars (eco-friendly, ele...

23 September, 2011 | More »

LG Plans Gaming Zones For Increasing Awareness

LG has adopted a new strategy to increase awareness about its monitors in India. The company is planning to open multiple gaming zones in different cities of India and has set a target to launch at least eight to ten gaming zones in different parts of the country by the end of this year. The [&helli...

13 June, 2011 | More »


LG and Samsung Launch Smart TVs in India- Which One is Smarter?

Samsung and LG recently launched a new range of Smart TVs in India. The range includes the usual Smart TVs and a new line of Smart 3D TVs. Here’s a look at the new line of television sets and what makes them tick. What is Smart TV Smart TV, which is also called “Connected TV” […...

12 May, 2011 | More »