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Lightbox to next invest in vertically integrated businesses, says co-founder Murthy

Friday, September 9, 2016 | More »

Sandeep Murthy
Venture capital firm Lightbox, floated by Sandeep Murthy and Siddharth Talwar, had raised more than $100 million in its second fund in 2014 and has deployed almost a third already. The firm, which focuses on consumer technology and products, has invested in companies such as used-car marketplace Dro...


Vertically integrated tech business will be huge, says Lightbox

Lightbox Management Ltd, a new VC firm floated by former Sherpalo Ventures’ India head Sandeep Murthy along with Siddharth Talwar, raised $100 million a little over a year ago and has already deployed a third of it. It also has stakes in some half a dozen firms as a result of a spinout or syntheti...

19 January, 2016 | More »

Siddharth Talwar

When funds reject you, ask if they could recommend you to other investors

It’s not necessary that every fund in the world will be interested in a particular startup, but most of them can guide the startups to reach out to the right people. Here are a few pointers a startup should consider before approaching an investor, and even if they are rejected by them. Ask for hel...

19 November, 2014 | More »