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2017 could be the year of take-off for EdTech

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 | More »

Rishi Kapal, CEO, Edugild
Education technology, or EdTech as it is popularly called, uses technological advancements for completely new forms of learning. With students already accessing course materials and doing homework, getting it peer-reviewed and assessing their learnings with the use of technology, the traditional tex...


Ed-tech accelerator Edugild targets startups with a global road-map

One-year-old ed-tech accelerator Edugild believes in having a distinguished approach. In a country where most accelerators are either tech focused or generalistic, Edugild decided to be country’s first ed-tech startup accelerator. It does not work with test prep, e-learning, and tutorial startups ...

19 September, 2016 | More »