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Sony to test PlayStation-based cloud TV service

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 | More »

Sony Corp will begin testing a new television service that combines traditional viewing with on-demand content through its PlayStation gaming system, a cloud-based service could possibly change long-established cable and media industry relationships. Sony executives described the as-yet unnamed serv...


Ouya’s $99 videogame console challenges pricier Xbox, PlayStation

Ouya’s $99 Android videogame console goes on sale on Tuesday, the latest attempt by a growing crop of niche hardware makers to chip away at a market dominated by Sony Corp, Microsoft Corp and Nintendo Co Ltd. Ouya hopes its cheaper cube-shaped console will prevail over the long-established gam...

24 June, 2013 | More »


Vita’s Breath Of Life For The Handheld Console

The Nintendo 3DS put 3D gaming in consumers’ hands last year without the need for special glasses. Now Sony is launching its own take on next-generation portable gaming in the form of the PlayStation Vita, with its superior motion and touch controls, social networking features and cameras. The not...

17 February, 2012 | More »

Sony Says 25M More Users At Risk In Second Data Hack

Sony’s Internet security crisis deepened on Monday with the company revealing hackers had stolen data of another 25 million users of its PC games system in a second massive breach for the consumer electronics giant. Sony’s latest revelation comes just a day after Sony No. 2 Kazuo Hirai a...

3 May, 2011 | More »

Sony Country Manager Atindriya Bose (Courtesy: Indiatoday Images)

“We are selling PlayStations In 30-35 cities in India” – Atindriya Bose, Country Manager, Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment has had a busy quarter to say the least, with its manufacturing operations being affected by natural disasters in Japan to the most recent security breach in its PlayStation network. TechCircle.in caught up with Atindriya Bose, Country Manager at Sony Computer Entertainme...

2 May, 2011 | More »

Sony Playstation Suffers Massive Data Breach; Firm Criticized

Sony Corp suffered a huge breach in its video game online network that allowed the theft of names, addresses and possibly credit card data belonging to 77 million user accounts, in one of the largest Internet security break-ins ever. Sony said it learned of the breach in its popular PlayStation Netw...

27 April, 2011 | More »

Xperia Play May Fail To Impress Mobile Gamers

Sony Ericsson recently launched a new line of mobile handsets but the one that truly catches the eye is Xperia Play. It is the first PlayStation-certified mobile phone to hit the market and the company has great expectations regarding the product. At first, it looks like any other smartphone current...

18 April, 2011 | More »

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc and Play Arrive

Mobile handset manufacturer Sony Ericsson has launched Xperia Arc, the latest in its Xperia range of mobile phones and Xperia Play, PlayStation-certified gaming smartphone in India. According to iNewsOne, the phones are priced at Rs. 32,000 and Rs. 35000. The phones are powered by Qualcomm’s 1 GHz...

8 April, 2011 | More »