Online gifting platform Giftxoxo raises $450K from Mahindra Holidays

Priya Prasad

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd, which runs time share holiday resorts under the Club Mahindra banner, has invested ....

3 October, 2016

Giftxoxo acqui-hires online hobby platform BookMyInterest

Varun Arora

Bangalore-based Nreach Online Services Pvt. Ltd, which runs online gifting platform Giftxoxo has acqui-hired BookMyInterest, ....

13 June, 2016

Online gifting portal Giftxoxo acquires Actizone

Vijayakumar Pitchiah

Bangalore-based Nreach Online Services Pvt Ltd, which runs online gifting platform Giftxoxo, has acquired Actizone, an online ....

28 January, 2016

Giftxoxo acqui-hires leisure activities planner Yipeedo

Varun Arora

Online gifting platform has acqui-hired Yipeedo, a recommendation engine that assists city dwellers to discover ....

15 October, 2015