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Smartphone users still prefer websites over apps for shopping; Flipkart most popular e-com site: Nielsen

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 | More »

Although most of the prominent e-commerce sites in India already have their own mobile applications, smartphone users in the country still prefer websites (or mobile versions of the sites) over apps for e-shopping on their devices. Shopping apps are still in a nascent stage here, with just 3 per cen...


Top-end smartphone owners consume more apps; Subway Surfers most engaging gaming app: Nielsen study

People who use smartphones costing more than Rs 15,000 have a higher tendency to use ‘online apps’ rather than just browsing while the reverse holds true for people owning smartphones, which cost less. After they cross the Rs 15,000 price point, owners of top-end smartphones (over Rs 25,000) are...

26 February, 2013 | More »

Gen Y spends more than 3 hours on smartphone every day; What does Gen X prefer?

That smartphones have become an integral part of our life is evident from the fact that there are already 27 million-plus smartphone users in urban India. And most of us are living a dual life nowadays – a physical life and a digital one – while smartphones allow us to manage both even when we [...

27 August, 2012 | More »

Search the most popular activity on smartphones; Entertainment the most searched category

All of us, by default, are curious creatures. So it is not surprising that ‘search’ is the most widespread activity on smartphones, according to a survey by Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights. Almost 90 per cent of smartphone users have used their smartphones for searching some things or other in...

2 July, 2012 | More »

There are 27 million smartphone users in urban India: Nielsen survey

The smartphone rage is catching up in the country, especially in urban India, says a survey conducted by Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights. There are 27 million smartphone users in urban India – a total of 9 per cent of the entire mobile user base in the urban demography. India is considered to be...

22 June, 2012 | More »

93% smartphone users in India access social media via handsets; Is mobile Internet getting a boost

After the botched-up Facebook IPO, many have lashed out at social networking as a ‘fad’. But the majority of smartphone users don’t seem to think so, at least not in India. It is one of the most favoured activities of the smartphone users in this country and currently, social networking proper...

30 May, 2012 | More »

Men Like Apps, Women Prefer WhatsApp

Men don’t like asking for directions and women like to chat. Maybe you already knew that, but the human behaviour differences flow into specific business opportunities in digital media. Here’s a look at some nuggets on how men and women differ in usage of their smartphones, based on a report by ...

3 May, 2012 | More »