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YouTube launches channel subscriptions

Friday, May 10, 2013 | More »

Google yesterday announced the launch of paid subscriptions for YouTube channels. So far this is only for a pilot group of around 30 hand-picked channels, but they say they are going to expand to a broader list of qualified partners that will operate on a self-service basis. I take that to mean that...


A note on contrarian investing

Fred Wilson has a post up this morning title Return and Ridicule which talks about the dangers of herd investing. Fred quotes Bill Gurley saying that ‘you can only make money by being right about something that most people think is wrong’ which I think is spot on. If lots of people share your id...

26 April, 2013 | More »


Emotional e-commerce: The next wave of e-commerce

Jason Goldberg, Founder and CEO at Fab wrote an interesting post earlier this week titled The 3rd wave of e-commerce disruption: emotional commerce. For the historians amongst you Jason has commodity commerce as the first wave, which was all about bringing value and convenience to the consumer a ...

11 April, 2013 | More »


Twitter ad revenues forecast to near $1B in 2014

I have been wondering lately how Twitter was getting on. Anecdotally people and companies seem to be getting more and more out of the site and its data but the chat I’ve heard about the efficacy of its advertising products has largely been negative. Well it turns out the business is doing very wel...

1 April, 2013 | More »


Bitcoin – the future of money?

I’ve been watching the progress of Bitcoin with increasing interest for a year or two now and I’m a bit surprised I haven’t written about it here before. I’m writing today because the number of mainstream use cases of Bitcoin seems to have been growing recently and this morning I got an emai...

11 March, 2013 | More »


Your fundraising strategy depends on whether your startup is hot

I spoke at a workshop this morning where most of the participants were CEOs and founders of early stage startups. We talked about the state of the market, what makes a good investor, and how to go about raising money and afterwards I was struck by how much of the fundraising advice given to startups...

4 February, 2013 | More »


Will there be a Series A crunch in Europe?

The coming Series A crunch is perhaps the hottest topic of conversation in US tech circles at the moment and the numbers in the charts above show why. The number of seed deals has shot up whilst the number of Series A deals has stayed flat, ergo the percentage of seed deals that go on […]...

7 January, 2013 | More »


The problem with indispensable employees

Rand Fishkin, one of the better thinker/bloggers out there on startup culture in the connected age, put up a great post on indispensable employees. For me the key section is his advice to CEOs and founders: Rand also points out that, perhaps counter-intuitively, becoming indispensable is a bad strat...

17 December, 2012 | More »


London ranked best startup ecosystem in Europe

A new report out from the Startup Genome and Telefonica Digital ranks London as the seventh best startup ecosystem in the world. As you can see from the table above Silicon Valley comes out top and Tel Aviv is the only city outside the US that comes ahead of London. There are always questions over [...

26 November, 2012 | More »


Great to see Facebook succeeding on mobile

As you may have seen Facebook announced their Q3 results, revealing 14% of their ad revenues came from mobile. This was ahead of analysts expectations and helped drive their shares 13% higher in after hours trading. Since the advent of the web it has been harder to make money out of publishing. A f...

25 October, 2012 | More »

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