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Motorola launches Moto X (2nd Gen) 32GB variant for Rs 32,999 in India, reduces price of 16GB model

Monday, December 22, 2014 | More »

After unveiling the same in September this year, Motorola has now launched the 32GB variant of its Moto X (2nd Gen) smartphone in the Indian market. The device sports a 5.2 inch display and is powered by a quad-core processor. It features a bigger display, a curved metal frame, and runs on the lates...


Motorola launches new flagship Moto X for Rs 31,999 in India, available exclusively on Flipkart.com

After unveiling the same earlier this month, Motorola has now launched its flagship smartphone Moto X (2nd Gen) in the Indian market. The device features a bigger display, a curved metal frame, and runs on the latest, unadulterated version of Android. Similar to the Moto G (2nd Gen), which was launc...

25 September, 2014 | More »

Moto X

Motorola launches new flagship Moto X & Moto 360 Smartwatch in India; new Moto G smartphone available for Rs 12,999

Motorola today announced the launch of its next flagship smartphone Moto X in India. Instead of naming it Moto X2 or Moto 2X, the company is simply calling it the new Moto X. The new smartphone features a bigger display, a curved metal frame, and runs on the latest, unadulterated version of Android....

5 September, 2014 | More »

Moto X’s India launch confirmed for tomorrow, coming exclusively to Flipkart.com for Rs 23,999

While we are very modest at heart, it does feel nice to occasionally point out- ‘we told you so’. As we had predicted earlier, e-commerce giant Flipkart is exclusively launching the Moto X smartphone in the Indian smartphone market tomorrow. This is the second exclusive partnership betwe...

18 March, 2014 | More »


Flipkart confirms exclusive launch of Moto X in India; the device may be priced under Rs 25,000

After the runaway success of the exclusive launch of the mid-priced Moto G smartphone by Flipkart, the e-commerce giant is now gearing up to launch its big brother Moto X in the Indian smartphone market – just like we had hinted in our previous story (read here for more). Same as before, the s...

13 March, 2014 | More »


Motorola plans lower-cost phone amid weak sales of Moto X

Google Inc’s Motorola unit is expected to unveil a relatively low-cost phone on Wednesday, amid weak sales of its flagship Moto X model, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter. Details of the new, cheaper Moto G leaked out over the weekend, when a version appe...

12 November, 2013 | More »


Apple disappoints with iPhone 5s & 5c; takes the battle to Google & loses!

We have just finished watching the official keynote of the new iPhone launch event (taking place in the US) and it is time to get down to business. Most of the rumours surrounding the new iPhone have proven to be true, the biggest one being that the company has launched two new iPhone models instead...

11 September, 2013 | More »


Google-owned Motorola unveils flagship Moto X, bets on customisation instead of all-out war with Apple & Samsung

Motorola Mobility, the company acquired by Google for $12.5 billion in May 2012, has unveiled its flagship smartphone called Moto X. The device, which comes with the tagline ‘Design Yours’, runs on the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system, along with the Motorola X8 Mobile Computing ...

2 August, 2013 | More »