McAfee Software Bug Could Turn Customers' PCs Into Spam Servers


Anti-virus software maker McAfee warned that a flaw in one of its products could make customers' PCs vulnerable to attacks in ....

19 January, 2012

McAfee Founder Srivats Sampath Raises $1.5M For Latest Venture Grokr

Nandana Das

US-based serial entrepreneur of Indian origin Srivats Sampath has raised $1.5 million for his latest venture Grokr Inc, that is ....

3 January, 2012

McAfee Promotes Anti-Virus Tools Via Facebook; Offers Free Subscription

dev khare & Anand Rai & Shrija Agrawal & Aashish Bhinde

Security vendor McAfee has joined hands with social networking site Facebook to promote its antivirus software. McAfee's security ....

28 April, 2011