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Punit Soni floats machine learning startup ‘Learning Motors’

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 | More »

Punit Soni
Former Flipkart chief product officer Punit Soni’s startup has been named ‘Learning Motors’ and will be in the area of machine learning. Soni last week announced the incorporation of the startup through tweets. Soni, who had worked with Google in the past, returned to Silicon Valley after he q...

Punit Soni

Former Flipkart CPO Punit Soni’s startup is born

Former Flipkart chief product officer (CPO) Punit Soni’s startup, which he has been working on for the past few months after quitting the Indian e-commerce major early this year, is taking formal shape and structure with its incorporation this week. “This is the week we are going to be incorpora...

1 November, 2016 | More »


Punit Soni to turn an angel for Indian startups

Former Google executive Punit Soni, who is moving back to Silicon Valley after a one-year stint with Flipkart in Bangalore as chief product officer, plans to stay connected to the Indian startup ecosystem by being an active seed investor. He said he will advise and mentor at least four early-stage t...

21 April, 2016 | More »