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Facebook unveils Workplace to take on Slack

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 | More »

After dominating the personal lives of more than a billion users, Facebook now wants to enter the workspace too. The social networking giant has launched its enterprise messaging service Workplace which will compete with Slack, Google Hangouts, Microsoft’s Yammer, Salesforce’s Quip and Evernote....


How Meet Around helps find like-minded strangers

Can’t find someone in your neighbourhood who shares the same eclectic tastes as yours? Would like to organise a jam session on the weekend but can’t cobble up a team? Taking German classes but can’t find anyone to converse with? Well, it’s time to check out Meet Around. The w...

10 June, 2016 | More »

Google+ Starts Open Signups; Adds Features

After being on trial for around three months, Google has finally moved from field trial to beta and enabled ‘open sign-ups’ for Google+. What this means is anyone can now sign-up for Google+ without needing an invitation to do so (as was the case earlier). This is good news for Indians since Goo...

21 September, 2011 | More »