Hackers stole 10% of $4 bn raised in global ICOs: EY report

Anirban Ghoshal

Hackers have stealthily taken away as much as $400 million (10%) of the total $4 billion raised by startups all over of the world ....

8 February, 2018

Apple to pay up to $200K 'bug bounty' to hackers for finding flaws

Nishant Sharma

Tech giant Apple unveiled a 'bug bounty' programme through which it will pay upto $200,000 to hackers who will report vulnerabilities ....

6 August, 2016

USA Shuts Megaupload.com, Hackers Retaliate


The U.S. government shut down the Megaupload.com content sharing website, charging its founders and several employees with massive ....

20 January, 2012