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How to survive and scale in hyperlocal e-commerce

Thursday, March 17, 2016 | More »

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein  Lately, the hyperlocal space has been at the epicentre of fierce competition, dreadful consolidation, rampant layoffs, defunct startups, serious scrutiny and criti...


Hyperlocal 2.0 can make local vendors more competitive

E-commerce and hyperlocal 1.0 are changing the way people are buying, setting the stage for hyperlocal 2.0. While e-commerce delivery’s turnaround time ranged from highly aggressive next-day deliveries to a couple of days or weeks (many Diwali sales items reached people post-Diwali), hyperlocal 1....

15 December, 2015 | More »

Gajinder Singh

Why e-commerce players will have to embrace ‘sell locally’ strategy

A lot has been written about e-commerce crushing the local commerce  market with “mobile wave”. The age of mobile has arrived and it has become the most dominating form factor for e-commerce players but, to be frank, it is not an optimal screen to carry out the e-commerce as we know it. The mod...

6 July, 2015 | More »


Exclusive: Former CTOs of PayU, Zomato bag angel funding for soon-to-launch m-commerce marketplace PayMango

Gajinder Singh and Ram Singla, former CTOs of PayU and Zomato, respectively, are out with their first independent venture, a soon-to-launch mobile commerce platform for local traders PayMango.com and have raised around Rs 1.5 crore ($234,000) angel funding from a group of unnamed internet entrepre...

9 June, 2015 | More »