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E-payments Soaring High: A Ringside Look At Emerging Trends

Monday, January 23, 2012 | More »

online paymeny
A bustling e-commerce industry in India has naturally thrown up a vast market for e-payments. Although the presence of a huge consumer base without plastic money means new modes of offline payment have cropped up, e-payment is certainly the way to go as the market matures. Techcircle’s Online Paym...

Govt’s New Digital Payment Initiative To Roll Out By March 2012

The Indian government has announced the commissioning of Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GePG), a new digital payment system that will eliminate the use of cheques in the government sector. The electronic payment system was announced by finance minister Pranab Mukherjee. The new system is exp...

1 November, 2011 | More »

China’s E-payment Booms, Foreigners Get The Boot

Use your fingerprint to buy a bowl of noodles for half off at 10 yuan ($1.60). It was a proposition attractive enough to send Su Weiting out of the Shanghai noodle shop where she was getting lunch and around the corner to sign up for an account with yet another payment service provider, Live By [&he...

28 September, 2011 | More »