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Always be doubling down

Monday, September 30, 2013 | More »

It is commonly believed that the macro sentiment in India today is probably worst it has been since 1991. But is also said that downturns are the best times to build great businesses. The secular growth trend of per-capita consumption is not slowing down & and the need for both physical and inst...


GoogleMaps, here’s how you can help India’s GDP

Anyone who has lived in India knows that we waste a ton of time in giving and taking directions. I have often tried to quantify the time and whichever number I come up with, one thing is clear: the time wasted in the “last mile” directions is enormous. Just today I had someone coming to [&hellip...

27 February, 2013 | More »


Online photography company Canvera raises $6.5M in Series B from Info Edge

Bangalore-based online photography company Canvera Digital Technologies Pvt Ltd has raised $6.5 million (Rs 35 crore) in Series B round of funding from Info Edge (India), which runs a slew of consumer Internet portals including Naukri.com, among others, and is also an investor in various other dig...

28 August, 2012 | More »

Five things that clicked for online photography company Canvera in its latest fundraising

It’s a difficult fundraising environment right now. Especially when it’s a Series B round, the exercise gets even tougher. Unless you have a strong revenue traction and a clear path to profitability, the money will not come by at this stage. So what really helped the online photography c...

28 August, 2012 | More »

Grokking India: High fixed cost per transaction

This blog post is really worthy only of a tweet since the core lesson is simple and either you grok it or you don’t; either you believe it or you don’t. There really is little middle ground. I have previously written about hidden costs of starting up a business in India, I’ve written aboutacc...

27 August, 2012 | More »

Distribution Is King. Much More So In India

The easiest way to tell if a PE/VC investor has earned their chops in India or in the west is when within 15 mins of your conversation the former will ask you: “Now that you have created your distribution network in India (or plan to create it) what else beyond your present offering can you [&hell...

7 February, 2012 | More »

What Is The Closest Landmark?

By Dhiraj Kacker, CEO & Co-Founder of Canvera.com, a digital photography company based out of Bangalore. As India’s GDP grows, per capita GDP, and by extension per capita output, will also grow. At 1/15th the size of the US economy and 4x the population, per capita productivity has a long way ...

17 June, 2011 | More »


Canvera Shakes Up Photography Market; Ecomm Platform On The Cards

After entering the market with printing of wedding albums, Canvera, a Bangalore-based digital imaging firm, is now leveraging its technology infrastructure to offer more to the photographer community. It is now launching an e-commerce platform for photographers called Vivyo. Professional photographe...

8 March, 2011 | More »