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Asia’s virtual masters eye Zynga’s real lunch

Thursday, October 4, 2012 | More »

A decade ago, a developer from Korean gamemaker Nexon threw a few lines of code together to create an image of a flower to present to his girlfriend, buying himself more videogame time as she sat impatiently by his side at an Internet cafe. And, so the industry legend goes, the “virtual good&#...


Make Way Angry Birds, Here Comes Angry Anna

As the stand-off between Anna Hazare and the government of India continues on the issue of the Lokpal Bill, Hazare followers are coming out with unique ways to garner support for the campaign (and also promote their brands in the process). While companies like Tantra and Inkfruit have been selling m...

26 August, 2011 | More »

Zynga Draws Fewer Paid Players Than Expected

Video game publisher Zynga may for the first time be less reliant on its top games to make money, but it still depends on under 5 percent of its users for all of it sales. Zynga’s games are free and its revenue comes mainly from selling virtual items such as tractors and weapons that players [...

12 August, 2011 | More »

Zynga Partners With Tencent To Debut First Mainland China Game

Social games maker Zynga is partnering with Tencent Holdings Ltd, the Chinese Internet company, to launch its first game in mainland China as it tries to find new users by tapping into the $5.8 billion Chinese games market. Zynga will release an early version of a game called Zynga City on Tencents&...

26 July, 2011 | More »


Will Digital Gaming Make The Cash Box Jingle?

“How big is your city?” asked my friend on Facebook chat. “Level 10,” I replied happily. “That’s it?” he mocked. Mine’s at level 40 already. “How is that possible…,” I remarked. “I have been working so very hard to add neighbours and get additional energy packets for my city...

18 July, 2011 | More »