Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg says his own data was shared by Cambridge Analytica


Facebook Inc Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday told lawmakers that his own personal data was included in that ....

11 April, 2018

Fix Facebook but don't kill it, says Alibaba's Jack Ma

Anirban Ghoshal

Jack Ma, the co-founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, has called on Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg to ....

10 April, 2018

Can marketers benefit from Cambridge Analytica’s data mining techniques?

Vivek Kumar

Cambridge Analytica made headlines around the world last month for allegedly helping Donald Trump win the US presidency. It has ....

9 April, 2018

Facebook limits API access as data breach widens

Anirban Ghoshal

Social network Facebook Inc. has restricted access to its application programming interface (APIs) after it was revealed that ....

5 April, 2018

Explained: How Facebook is allowing users greater control over their data

Anirban Ghoshal

The data breach by British political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica has changed the way we interact with Facebook. Reeling ....

30 March, 2018

Why India needs a new law to stave off data breaches

Namita Viswanath

The alleged Facebook data breach reportedly indicates the manner in which information provided by individuals can be handled by ....

29 March, 2018

Govt sets deadline for Cambridge Analytica response over Facebook data 'breach'


India has set a March 31 deadline for London-based political consultancy Cambridge Analytica to respond to a query on whether ....

24 March, 2018

Explained: Why is the world angry with Facebook?

Team TC

Social networking giant Facebook has come in for severe criticism over the past week in connection with an alleged data breach ....

22 March, 2018