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How does a small company make a big company successful?

Monday, February 2, 2015 | More »

Brad Feld
tl;dr: As a small company, focus on two things with big companies: “1. What can we, the small company do, to make the big company successful? 2. What can I do, as a leader of a small company, do to help the people I’m working with at the big company be successful within the big […]...

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We will never need another financing

I hear some version of this one all the time. “We will never need another financing.” “This financing will get us to cash flow breakeven.” “This is our last financing before we become profitable.” It’s probably bullshit. There are so many reasons companies raise more money in the futur...

27 January, 2015 | More »

Brad Feld

Victims and leaders

In a recent board meeting, at a particularly challenging part of the conversation, I did a retrospective of the past five years as a lead up to making a point. I prefaced it by saying “I need you to take a leader approach, not a victim approach.” I realized no one knew that I meant […]...

30 October, 2014 | More »

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After failure, What’s next?

Recently, I wrote a post titled After Your First Big Success, What’s Next? The comment thread was powerful and fascinating, as was the direct email feedback I got, including the following note: “I think it would be interesting to hear your perspective on how an entrepreneur should approach “wh...

20 June, 2014 | More »


The reputational damage of non-responsiveness

VCs love to say things like “we are entrepreneur friendly.” It’s trendy, catchy, and looks good on a blog post. But, as I’ve said in my post Your Words Should Match Your Actions, one can “damage their reputations by having their words not match up with their actions.” Now – this post ...

12 August, 2013 | More »


Sometimes failure is your best option

Some entrepreneurs and investors subscribe to the creed “failure is not an option.” I’m not one of them. I strongly believe that there are times you should call it quits on a business. Not everything works. And — even after trying incredibly hard, and for a long period of time — failure is...

25 July, 2013 | More »


It’s your job to improve your team

At this year’s NVCA meeting, my partner Jason Mendelson (who was the chair of the event) interviewed Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter. Dick is an awesome CEO, awesome human, and awesome interviewee. Among other things, he’s hilarious, and PandoDaily wrote a fun summary of the interview in the...

20 May, 2013 | More »


Searching for a better way to make airline reservations

I travel constantly – at least 50% of the time and sometimes as much as 75% of the time. My partners at Foundry Group all travel a lot – think 100,000 miles per year for each of this.. We committed to this when we started Foundry Group as our strategy was to invest across the […]...

13 February, 2013 | More »


What is the appropriate time horizon of a financial model for VCs?

Q: When building a financial projection model for a pitch to VC’s, should you include future rounds of funding in the model or simply show what measurable goal you are trying to achieve with the current round you are seeking? A (Brad): It depends on the stage of the company. But first, it’s impo...

1 February, 2013 | More »


One of our investors just closed shop. What should we do?

Q: What is the best path to take if a VC which has invested in my company closes down, but we have not exited and are still operating profitably ? What happens to the LLC entity that was formed at the time of investment? Do we ask the VC for our shares back or buy […]...

10 January, 2013 | More »

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