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Why Mauj Mobile added gameplay videos to its Gamesbond store

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 | More »

Do you want to know what moves can help you win a mobile game? Or whether a particular mobile game is engrossing enough to invest your time and money? In a world where there are hundreds of mobile games, each claiming to be more challenging and fun than the other, how do you find the […]...


Mauj Mobile eyes premium gamers for new appstore Gamesbond; targets 100M Android game downloads

Increasing smartphone penetration coupled with the growing demand for digital gaming has propelled Mauj Mobile to come up with a new appstore for paid games. Christened Gamesbond, the premium mobile platform will serve as Mauj’s second gaming appstore after Mobango (mostly free content), which...

14 August, 2015 | More »

Badri Sanjeevi

Carrier billing is critical for developing mobile gaming market in India

India is already a large market for mobile gaming.  A recent report put the number of mobile gamers in India north of 130 million users of the total 223 million odd mobile internet users in India.  But the level of monetisation is still quite low with the same report saying that only approximately...

23 June, 2015 | More »

Badri Sanjeevi

8 tips to create the most ‘publishable’ app on any App Store

Being in the App Store business, we get a number of requests from app developers to publish their apps on our store. Not all apps or content gets published due to a host of reasons. Let’s simplify the process of getting apps published on any app store by getting the fundamentals right: 1) Register...

4 July, 2014 | More »