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Microsoft's $7.2B Nokia mistake

Thursday, September 5, 2013 | More »

Just over a week after Microsoft announces plans to replace CEO Steve Ballmer the company announced it .  For those looking forward to big changes at Microsoft this was like sticking a pin in the big party balloon! Everyone knows that Microsoft”s future is at risk now that PC sales are ...

Ice Cream Sandwich Releasing In Oct: Notion Ink

Notion Ink’s Founder & CEO, Rohan Shravan has disclosed that the new version of the Android operating system called the ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ will be launched by Google in late October this year. The blog post reads “Official (“update button”) Ice Cream Sandwich update in November aft...

20 September, 2011 | More »

Notion Ink’s Adam Up For Grabs Again

Bangalore based tablet maker Notion Ink has announced that Adam is on sale once again. Notion Ink is offering the Honeycomb update for the new tablets and the expected date for the update is June 27, 2011. The sale of Adam is not without a catch- customers wanting to buy the tablet have to request [...

1 June, 2011 | More »


Tablet Market Is Too Big For One Product To Rule: Notion Ink Founder

Bangalore-based Notion Ink has finally started shipping Adam, a 10.1 inch tablet PC with a PixelQi screen and a NVidia Tegra 250 processor. There are 4 versions of the tablet PC - the basic version with an LCD screen costs $399 and the one with the PixelQi screen, Wi-Fi /3G costs $498. Yes, all the ...

23 February, 2011 | More »