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How Google stole the show from Apple

Thursday, February 4, 2016 | More »

Adam Hartung
The three highest valued publicly traded companies today (2/3/16) are Google/Alphabet, Apple and Microsoft.  All 3 are tech companies, and they compete – although with different business models – in multiple markets. However, investor views as to their futures are wildly different.  And that h...

Adam Hartung

Apple’s debacle – why growth is all that matters

Apple announced earnings for the 4th quarter this week, and the company was creamed. Almost universally industry analysts and stock analysts had nothing good to say about the company’s reports, and forecast. The stock ended the week down about 5%, and down a whopping 27.8% from its 52 week high. W...

1 February, 2016 | More »

Adam Hartung

The Phoenix Principle: Is Yahoo doomed? Probably

Marissa Mayer’s reign as head of Yahoo looks to be ending like her predecessors.  With a serious flop.  Only this may well be the last flop – and the end of the internet pioneer. It didn’t have to happen this way, but an inability to manage Status Quo Risk doomed Ms. Mayer’s leadership –...

7 December, 2015 | More »

Adam Hartung

Why PayPal is worth more than eBay

eBay was once a game changer.  When the internet was very young, and few businesses provided ecommerce, eBay was a pioneer.  From humble beginnings selling Pez dispensers, eBay grew into a powerhouse.  Things we used to sell via garage sale we could now list on eBay.  Small businesses could crea...

3 August, 2015 | More »

Adam Hartung

Bigger is not always better – why Amazon is worth more than Walmart

This week an important event happened on Wall Street. The value of Amazon (about $248 billion) exceeded the value of Walmart (about $233 billion). Given that Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, it is pretty amazing that a company launched as an online book seller by a former banker only 21 ye...

27 July, 2015 | More »

Adam Hartung

A $7.6B write-off plus layoffs is never a good sign, Microsoft

Microsoft announced today it was going to shut down the Nokia phone unit, take a $7.6B write-off (more than the $7.2B they paid for it,) and lay off another 7,800 employees.  That makes the layoffs since CEO Nadella took the reigns almost 26,000.  Finding any good news in this announcement is ...

9 July, 2015 | More »

Adam Hartung

Costolo should not have been fired – Twitter investors worry

Dick Costolo was let go from his role as CEO of Twitter, to be replaced by a former CEO that was also fired.  Unfortunately, it looks very strongly as if the Board made this decision for the wrong reasons. Even though investors have been unhappy with Twitter’s share price, as CEO Mr. Costolo wa...

15 June, 2015 | More »

Adam Hartung

Why Google created a self-driving car and DuPont didn’t

This week a self-driving car built by Delphi of England completed a 9 day trip from San Francisco to New York City.  The car traveled 3,400 miles, and was fully automated for 99% of the trip. Attention has again focused on self-driving cars.  There are a handful of players entering the market to...

10 April, 2015 | More »

Adam Hartung

Why Microsoft Windows 10 really doesn’t matter

Yesterday Microsoft conducted a pre-launch of Windows 10, demonstrating its features in an effort to excite developers and create some buzz before consumer launch later in 2015. By and large, nobody cared.  Were you aware of the event? Did you try to watch the live stream, offered via the Microsoft...

23 January, 2015 | More »

Adam Hartung

Resolve to focus on goals rather than results in 2015

Results, results, results.  We frequently hear that we should focus on results. More often than not, focusing on results is a waste of time.  Because it is looking in the rear view mirror, rather than the windshield. Someone asked me today what I thought of Janet Yellen as head of the Federal Rese...

2 January, 2015 | More »

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