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Five smartphones under Rs 15,000 with a robust battery

Friday, June 24, 2016 | More »

Are you one of those people who’s always on the lookout for a wall socket to charge your phone? You may have one of the most feature-rich smartphones, but if you have to constantly carry a travel charger with you, there’s a strong chance that you don’t consider your phone that smar...


Five startups led by married co-founders

Finding the right co-founder is one of the toughest jobs while starting a new venture. Finding a life partner is no less difficult. Some entrepreneurs have been enterprising enough to club the two. However, couples founding startups isn’t as counter-intuitive. Those who have tied the double kn...

22 June, 2016 | More »


Startups that shut down or tweaked operations last week

Unlike a lot other traditional businesses, internet startups is a space that shows up results pretty fast. While some raise quick venture capital money and grow at unexpected pace, some take an early call to shut down operations to save time and money. Last week, we had reported that over eight star...

4 June, 2016 | More »


Have Indian startups lost their charm for Silicon Valley hires?

If last year saw top tech executives in Silicon Valley being wooed by startups here, this year saw many of them quitting these Indian internet companies. While some were disenchanted by the startup environment in India, many were inspired to become entrepreneurs themselves. Snapdeal’s chief pr...

28 May, 2016 | More »


Eight tech startups that closed operations this fortnight

New ideas/global replicas, funding, scale up and shut downs have now become part and parcel of the Indian startup story. Almost every sub-sector in the tech startup space – e-commerce, cab aggregation, food-tech, grocery delivery – has seen the emergence of copycat business models followed by th...

28 May, 2016 | More »


Are Silicon Valley hires finding India too hot to handle?

Last year, bringing home top talent was the recurrent theme in the Indian startup community. Startups were the toast of the town, and flush with investor money, were convincing Indian talent to leave their jobs at top tech companies in Silicon Valley and return home. But the honeymoon seems to have ...

25 May, 2016 | More »


Apple is big on Indian app ecosystem, say founders who met Tim Cook

As the founder of a startup, you receive an invite from Apple Inc. Obviously, you are excited. This could be that lucky break, you may be thinking. Finally, the day arrives, and as you wait to meet the Apple team, you see Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple walking in. For a moment, you are […]...

20 May, 2016 | More »


Five fin-tech startups that help manage your money better

When everything from shopping to learning is being powered by digital technology, there’s no reason why tracking expenses and making investments should be done the old-fashioned way. While apps and portals for managing personal finances have been there for some time, most of them needed the us...

19 May, 2016 | More »


VCCircle@10: How 10 techpreneurs pivoted their way to success

What do YouTube, Twitter and Instagram have in common? All three tech giants became trendsetters by pivoting from their initial focus to dabble in the unexplored. While YouTube started as a video dating portal, Twitter was a platform for finding podcasts and Instagram began as social check-in app ...

3 December, 2015 | More »


VCCircle@10: A peek at the poster boys of India’s entrepreneurial revolution

Over the last 10 years, there has been a ‘democratisation of entrepreneurship’ in the country, as a tech entrepreneur who built and sold a host of internet ventures put it. At the last count, India has more than 4,200 tech startups alone while a significant number of new enterprises in healthcar...

2 December, 2015 | More »

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