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Excl: Flipkart creates a new six-man tier II team reporting directly to Bansals

Friday, November 21, 2014 | More »

Flipkart has not just shuffled its top management with some new hires but has also formed a new tier II management team directly under the co-founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. The new group includes some of the men who had joined the venture in its early days but some others who were manning ...


How heavy is the reverse logistics burden for top e-com players in India

The e-commerce industry is estimated to be worth over Rs 20,000 crore by the end of the financial year. But while analysts are gung-ho about the growth of the industry, they also warn of the potential dangers of managing ‘returns’ and we are not talking about profit for VC investors. The...

17 November, 2014 | More »


Kumar Mangalam Birla joins other industrialists to prepare logging on to e-commerce

When Kishore Biyani started his online venture futurebazaar.in in 2006, it was an idea beyond its time. Either ways it was seen as another channel for his hypermarket business to sell products. Six years later the country’s top retailer (then) saw the first big onslaught of online retailers ...

17 November, 2014 | More »

Nambirajan Seshadri

Cost of connecting any device to internet would be sub-$1; so IoT is going to get bigger: Nambirajan Seshadri of Broadcom

Nambirajan Seshadri, who graduated from Regional Engineering College, Trichy, before moving to the US to work at AT&T, joined Broadcom in 1999 and has gone on to file more than 75 patents in networking and chip design. As senior vice president and CTO of Broadband & Connectivity Group at Bro...

14 November, 2014 | More »


How startups are translating customers’ linguistic diversity into big business

Anand Ram, a kirana salesman, writes a text message to his fiancé on his Micromax Unite phone that he has purchased a ‘John Players’. While the would-be bride, who is hailing from a remote North Indian village, receives the text in Hindi, it translates the word ‘Player’ as ‘Khilad...

7 November, 2014 | More »


How a bunch of startups are trying to make a business case for robotics in India

Robotics startups have been mushrooming over the last two years. Why? One may ask and be tempted to think that certain natural and man-made calamities forced the entrepreneurs behind these startups to enter a hitherto unexplored space. To name a few instances, there have been several floods and land...

29 October, 2014 | More »


The man from Chennai who has become de facto No.2 at Google

Google, which has virtually defined and continues to shape the fluid internet age of our times, has been amid a management transformation. And India or people of Indian origin certainly have been bang in the middle of it. Indeed, as recent as early this year, three of the seven business leaders besi...

26 October, 2014 | More »

Binny Bansal & Sachin Bansal

Flipkart’s 3M-sq-ft campus in Bengaluru will be a first for an Indian internet company

The recent Rs 300 crore-deal between Flipkart and Embassy Group for a new three million sq ft campus on the outer ring road of Bengaluru is a first for an internet business in India. We have seen it in Silicon Valley. Yahoo moved into a 43-acre campus in Sunnyvale, California, in 2001, which was one...

24 October, 2014 | More »


Philips, GE Healthcare going big on Connected Healthcare R&D in India

Engineers from Philips Innovation Labs and GE Healthcare in Bangalore are experimenting with mobility platforms and healthcare which will come to life in India soon in the form of a connected medical world. Both companies are spending close to $70-100 million each a year on R&D, to make connecte...

22 October, 2014 | More »


E-commerce is set to drive a commercial real estate boom

The e-commerce industry may not need retail space, but it may drive the commercial real estate industry by picking up giant warehouses or super-sized corporate offices which can house their large teams comprising customer support, tech, analytics and marketing. Flipkart last week signed a deal with ...

21 October, 2014 | More »

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