Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

India has indisputably positioned itself as a world leader in business and technology. The tech-savvy entrepreneurs who thrive in these industries are known for their startling innovation and vivid insight. It is a male-dominated profession, with women making up a small, but very vocal, minority. Th...

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Venture Capital

Venture Capital – Is This the Answer to Your Funding Dilemma?

You worked hard on your product or service, and now you want to market it harder. How to go about it? Certainly, you will need to raise capital to get your business off the ground. You may not be willing or able to obtain bank loans or a debt offering. Essentially bankers will only provide […...

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How can startup founders raise money

How can startup founders raise money?

With a predicted increase from 3,100 startups in 2014 to more than 11,500 in 2020, the Indian startup market is booming and proving to be far more than a flighty trend. But with five being launched every week and roughly only one of them surviving, what is the key to raising Startup funds to ensure ...

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Do Startup Hubs Matter?

Many startups are being founded in India every day. In 2014 alone, around 3100 new startups were born. Many startup hubs have also emerged, to facilitate collaboration among entrepreneurs. Startup hubs are a recent phenomenon in India. But it is undeniable that startup hubs have a positive effect on...

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Founding a Startup? Five Counter-intuitive Facts You Should Know

50% of startups fail in their first year, and 95% of them fail within 5 years. You probably have heard this before, because this statistics gets bandied about too often. But this is not true at all. (Information published by the Small Business Administration suggests that around 50% survive at least...

16 December, 2016 | More »

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