India’s Venture Capital Market Focussed More on Exits in 2017

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Venture Capital Market
While 2016 continued to be a step up in the venture capital world of India after seeing an overall crossing of $2 billion in funds, venture capital firms are now preparing for a much tighter investment budget in 2017. With even the most promising firms being found unable to return on the previously ...


Venture Capitalists’ thoughts about the future of startups

It’s hard to determine a statistically correct annual global total for new startups. They attribute these hardships to a lack of worldwide ability to keep adequate records of new businesses. For the countries with proper ways of measurement, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor team receives the fi...

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Is it time for Indian startups to start taking manufacturing seriously?

In the coming years, there are a few surefire industries in which Indian startups are going to be concentrated. There has been much publicity about the startup boom in sectors such as e-commerce, finance, food, entertainment, pharma, education, software, and travel. However, one area which startups ...

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B2B startups

Here’s why you should consider investing in B2B startups instead

Currently, most startups are focused on creating a product that will be marketed directly to the consumer. However, the growth in B2B startups, otherwise known as business to business startups, has revolutionised the field and created a meter draw for investors. This article shares some insights int...

17 February, 2017 | More »


Fintech funding: The pathway to rewarding corporate success for startups

Fintech is the coming together of disruptive finance and pioneering technology. Since the time it has made its presence felt on the technological startup scene, it has consistently added newer dimensions to money transfer methodologies, fundraising campaigns, mobile payments and an array of other fi...

10 February, 2017 | More »

Indian startups

10 Industries Indian startups are disrupting by doing away with traditional middlemen

In the past decade, India has seen a tremendous boom in innovative startup businesses. Largely targeting the rush of the millennial age, many startup companies are finding huge success by targeting their efforts directly to the consumer. In the age of instant digital transactions and information, it...

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Why are VCs getting interested in biotech companies?

VCs are getting interested in biotech companies because of many reasons. The biotech sector is brimming with huge growth potential. Flying high on the innovation pedestal, it has the charisma to bring India on the global biotech radar, creating VCs interest to invest in such companies that can provi...

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Are you looking for seed funding? 7 reasons you are just in time!

The year 2016 has been challenging for startups, with a massive fall in funding, the lowest since 2014.  But it’s not all bad news. Despite the $24.1 billion drop in funding globally, many predict a stabilisation of the seed funding market, which is giving more confidence to both investors and en...

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Rural problems that startups can solve

Villages in India are defined by poor access roads, a population that ranges anywhere between a few hundred to a thousand, and much lesser access to utilities. In reality, they are far away from civilisation, and from many developments that have transformed the way towns and cities operate. The prol...

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What will be the driving force for startups in 2017?

India is going through the second phase of growth in startups, now referred to as Startup 2.0. The growth will be in large numbers, and Nasscom predicted that there would be 10, 500 startups in India by 2020. “The number predicted is lower as I see many more startups coming in. The dimensions of I...

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