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Is funding truly a game-changer for start-ups?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 | More »

Sandeep Aggarwal
Start-ups, like all other businesses, require funds to conduct their business activities. While the initial investment, also known as seed-funding, is generally sourced from friends, family and people who have faith in the idea, this fund is mostly used up in bringing the business from the kitchen o...


Choose marketplace only if you know what you are getting into

Twenty months ago, when I landed in this country, I found it very difficult and frustrating to let people know what we were going to do with ShopClues and what exactly was marketplace. That time India was in the early stages of e-commerce evolution and the people here only understood horizontal, ver...

10 June, 2013 | More »


2013 India Internet outlook

At about 150 million Internet users, India now has 3rd largest Internet population in the world after China (at 575m) and the US (at 275m). At 150 million total Internet users, the Internet penetration in India remains at 12 per cent vs. 43 per cent in China and 80 per cent in the US. However, [&hel...

1 February, 2013 | More »


My top 7 lessons on becoming an entrepreneur

In June 2011 on Father’s Day, I gave myself a gift — I resigned from my highly satisfying, visible, and rewarding Wall Street job as an Internet analyst based out of Silicon Valley to start ShopClues.com. Before I became an entrepreneur and started ShopClues.com, over the years, I had probab...

24 September, 2012 | More »

Why inventory-led e-commerce companies in India will not be profitable… EVER

While more than $350 million have been invested in Indian e-commerce over the past three years, a majority of the capital has gone into only one kind of e-commerce business model, i.e., inventory-led e-commerce models. The inventory led e-commerce models have almost the same economic characteristics...

3 September, 2012 | More »

What May Hurt Indian Internet & E-com Biz

Two years ago, as an Internet analyst based out of Silicon Valley (covering Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo! and all other global Internet majors), I wrote a  sector-defining report on India Internet. The market then was at a nascent stage except for online travel and online classifieds. Since then, we...

7 May, 2012 | More »

Is E-commerce Party Over In India?

While the general euphoria about the Internet sector, especially for e-commerce, suddenly went up (for the right reasons) immediately after MakeMyTrip’s successful IPO on NASDAQ (in Aug 2010), there have been rather mixed news flow for the e-commerce in India in the past one month. Are we puttin...

20 February, 2012 | More »