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Tips to make the Startup culture a resounding success

Monday, March 20, 2017 | More »

Tips to make the Startup culture a resounding success
The startup culture that is slowly gaining momentum calls for adequate support at various levels to sustain itself. In the absence of the same, the enthusiasm may soon lose its vitality. It is necessary to make an assessment of the diverse support infrastructure that has to be erected to make the mi...


How would startup culture facilitate digital disruption in India?

India’s digital transformation is being emphatically driven by the government’s myriad initiatives to promote the startup culture. Resultantly, India is ranked among one of the top digitally mature economies with a vibrant ecosystem. Digital disruption in India The sense of urgency to embrace th...

8 March, 2017 | More »


Spreading the Startup culture among students

Government’s ambitious ‘Startup India’ campaign is essentially geared towards promoting the entrepreneurial culture in our country. The bootstrapping spirit has been missing in our country, partially due to lack of motivating governmental incentives and rest due to our age-old tendency to prio...

19 February, 2017 | More »


Excelling the Art of Startup Fundraising

Startups encounter precarious challenges during their initial phases, necessitating steadying influence of visionary mentors. The poor value proposition of product/ service, non-strategic market entry timing, non-relevancy to potential consumers, higher consumer acquisition cost compared to consumer...

7 December, 2016 | More »